Smart City Zone

Smart City Zone is a city-like area to provide realistic traffic circumstances in a closed area that contains more environmental, traffic, traffic engineering and vehicle dynamic elements. There are different number and type of lanes, surfaces and road geometry. The geometry of roundabouts is really similar to the different public ones for better simulation. Different type of building and facades will be placed next to the street grid of Smart City Zone. All of the communication technologies will be available in this area like WiFi, cellular technology (5G test network).

The multi-layer environment of ZalaZONE’s Smart City Zone includes the fixed infrastructural element of the so called „vehicle-to-anything” (V2X) communication, the road-side unit network can provide environmental information to vehicles extending their sensing capability with relevant external data. The V2X network has integrated functionality with the traffic control- ,traffic light- and camera systems, the communication units can use either Wifi-based (IEEE 802.11p) or cellular(C-V2X) channels according to the currently available standards in the transmission layer.